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Warsaw, PolandWCCCT 2020

2020 World Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies
May 13-15, 2020



Wilanów Palace

Top choice palace in Warsaw


Palace of Culture & Science

Top choice historic building in Powiśle & Northern Śródmieście<


Royal Castle

Top choice museum in Old Town & New Town


Warsaw Rising Museum

Top choice museum in Muranów, Mirów & Powązki

Warsaw or Warszawa is Poland's capital and largest city. It has a high standard of living, complete with all the modern amenities for a satisfied citizen. The city of Warsaw is truly an unforgettable destination for tourists.

Skyscapers shoot upwards as Warsaw's economic status rises and the city continues to gather foreign investors. With a fine location, Warsaw is blessed with the Vistula River flowing through the city.
Having signed the Schengen Agreement and the EU, it is convenient for travellers to travel in and out of Warsaw as well as experience local transit provided with style.

As the historical areas of Warsaw give air of its celebrated past, the developing plans and constructions of modern institutions mark Warsaw as one of the world's prime cities.

Diverse Architecture
Rather than being centred on an old market square, modern-day Warsaw is spread across a broad area and includes an eye-catching range of architecture: restored baroque, Gothic, neoclassical and Renaissance in the Old and New Towns; gems of the post-WWII socialist realist period, such as the Palace of Culture & Science and the Marszałkowska Residential District (MDM); and contemporary beauties like the Copernicus Science Centre and the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. This jumble reflects the city’s tumultuous past and makes for a fascinating collection of neighbourhoods and landmarks.

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces
As the royal capital for several centuries, Warsaw is blessed with the beautiful palace and parklands at Wilanów, aptly described as Poland's Versailles, and the park and serene Palace on the Isle of Łazienki. Greenery also abounds at the central Saxon Garden, Krasiński Garden and the rooftop garden of the University Library. Not to be missed is a stroll beside the Vistula River: on the west bank runs the Vistulan Boulevard, a contemporary promenade dotted with waterside bars and cafes, while on the eastern Praga side nature holds sway with meandering, wooded pathways leading to sandy beaches.

Cultural Treasures
Warsaw has endured the worst history could throw at it, including near destruction at the end of WWII. Much has been rebuilt and the fragments that survived are now preserved in a superb selection of museums and cultural storehouses. The exhibitions at the Warsaw Rising Museum and POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews leave practically no stone unturned on their respective subjects, while the National Museum will astound you with its art and design collection. Then there is Chopin, Warsaw's favourite son, who has his own museum and whose romantic and dramatic music is played at nightly recitals.

Eat, Drink, Be Merry
If the city's architectural flourishes, lush outdoor spaces and cultural treasures haven't already seduced you, expect all resistance to fall at its superb selection of dining spots. Home to everything from bargain-priced, retro-trendy milk bars to chic restaurants serving cutting-edge molecular gastronomy, Warsaw is a culinary delight. There's also no shortage of cool cafes or bars for creative cocktails, craft beers and vodka shots. This is a city that knows how to have fun, whether it be glamming up for the opera or a symphony performance or clubbing it through the night.